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ABS Pipe & fittings

You will need ABS pipe fittings for a variety of applications, such as vent, waste, drain, and sewage. Having the right fittings makes all the difference in your projects. DWV fittings exist for these types of plumbing applications, but ABS differs in that it is black and PBA free.

Here at Danish International, we have hundreds of ABS fittings. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a dark-colored pipe, usually black, and it is durable and lightweight. It is mainly used in residential plumbing applications. This piping can be used both above and below ground and is resistant to most salts, acids, and alkalis.

ABS Pipe Fitting Applications

Due to its non-toxic properties, ABS pipe fittings can also be used in applications where high purity water, food products, and soft drinks pass through them.

Sewer - Due to the durability of an ABS fitting, it works in sewer systems. The ABS material is extremely smooth on the inside, which allows for easy passing of solids and other liquids

Drainage - ABS drain fittings can be used for water drainage, such as from a washing machine or a dishwasher. Due to its wide range of resistance to extreme temperature, it is not damaged by the high temperature water that flows through the piping from some appliances.

Venting System or Plumbing Vents - These are pipes that lead away from the sewage system to the outdoors, and in many cases to the roof. This is important because it helps release sewer gases outside instead of into the house. Venting ABS pipe fittings allow for the equalizing of pressure on both sides of the trap, allowing the trap to hold water. This is necessary for the effectiveness of your sewer and drainage systems.