Design Consultancy, Supply & Installation of Fire Protection Systems including:

    • Water Mist Systems.
    • Fire Hydrant Systems.
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems.
    • Foam Proportioning & Injection Systems.
    • Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishing Systems.
    • Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems.
    • Gaseous Total Flooding Fire Suppression Systems encompassing:
        HFC-227ea (FM-200)
        IG-541 (Inergen)
        Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Design Consultancy, Supply & Installation of Detection Systems including:

    • Conventional Fire Detection & Alarm Systems.
    • Intelligent Addressable Fire Detection & Alarm Systems.
    • Special Application Fire Detection Systems.
    • Explosive Detection Systems.
    • Narcotics Detection Systems.
    • Acoustic and Visual Life Detection Systems for Rescue.
    • Voice Evacuation Systems.
    • Gas Detection Systems encompassing:
        Toxic Gas Detection.
        Combustible (LEL) Gas Detection.
        Oxygen Detection.
        VOC Detection
    • Fire Safety Gap Analysis.
    • Fire, Safety & Evacuation Trainings.
    • Enhancement & Rehabilitation of Fire Protection Systems.
    • Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems.
    • Testing & Commissioning of Fire Protection Systems.

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