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Valves are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices that are used to control the movement of liquids, gases, powders, etc. through pipes or tubes, or from tanks or other containers. In most instances, valves rely on some form of mechanical barrier—a plate, a ball, a diaphragm, for example—that can be inserted and removed from the flow stream of the material passing by. Some valves are designed as on-off varieties, while others allow very fine control of the passage.Material selection plays an important role in specifying valves to ensure the compatibility of the wetted parts of the valve with the fluid or powder passing through it. Sizing is determined by the pipe or tubing diameter, flow rate, and the width between flanges for pipeline valves being installed as replacements.

Types of Valves

• Aerosol Valves

• Air Logic Valves

• Balancing Valves

• Ball Valves

• Blind Valves

• Butterfly Valves

• Cartridge Valves

• Casing Valves

• Check Valves

• Christmas Tree Valves

• Cock Valves

• Diaphragm Valves

• Disc Valves

• Engine Valves

• Faucet Valves

• Float Valves

• Gate Valves

• Globe Valves

• Hydraulic Valves

• Needle Valves

• Pinch Valves

• Piston Valves

• Plug Valves

• Poppet Valves

• Relief Valves

• Double Block and Bleed Valves